“I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the Astwick Monkey Puzzle. My daughter had not settled in a previous nursery and it was terrifying starting that process again, but what a breeze. The staff are so welcoming, friendly and have built up a brilliant relationship with my child. I love getting the pictures through the day and the ladies always give me a great run-through of what has been going on. They are not phased when my child cries and handle it with ease, love and care which is really reassuring as a parent. I feel confident and happy leaving her in their hands. I can see massive improvements in her development which is just incredible and a testament to the work they do. The nursery is perfectly situated, just off the A1 but in the midst of the countryside – ideal for exploration and fresh air. I love it, her father loves it and most importantly it gets a big ol’ high five from my 11-month-old.”

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, strives to provide the best in childcare for the local region. We can shout from the rooftops as much we like, but the recommendations and testimonials that really count are YOURS!