Forest school is child-initiated learning where they take the lead in their own learning based on their interests and scaffold this themselves. There is always a qualified Forest School Leader during the session, to help supervise children when using tools and all work to a minimum standard. 

Outdoor adventures, love, learning in an enabling environment and care and respect for all

Forest school sessions work with a smaller group size and all the risk assessments have been completed for each tool and when a campfire is in operation. Forest school is also great at facilitating holistic learning; this is where it helps to bring all elements of a child’s learning together through their mind, body and spirit. Forest school is brilliant at encouraging children’s imaginations, curiosity and exploration. On from this it implements the importance of teamwork and learning how to problem solve, which is supported by supervised risk taking.

How Forest School helps children learn how to manage and deal with risks

Tools – will only be in operation under strict 1:1 ratios!

There have been many risk assessments written for each tool used during Forest School sessions, which are available to view at any time. They have left no stone under turned and something that will be constantly reviewed and updated if needed. The children have golden rules to follow during tool work, which help them with assessing risks. Of course, all parents will have to give their consent before their children takes part in any tool.

Small Campfires – children will always be supervised!

The children will have to always stay behind a boundary and only when instructed by the qualified Forest School leader will be allowed to go to toast marshmallows or help with the fire. The campfire will only be in operation after the group has, in stages, learnt about the risks and all about fire safety. The qualified leader will be the judge of this, and all parents will give consent before their child is allowed to take part.

Kelly Kettle – always supervised, helping to keep warm with yummy hot chocolates!

The children will help with ‘feeding’ the kettle with dry wood on a 1:1 ratio. This will help them to make their own yummy hot chocolates to enjoy and help keep warm on the colder sessions!

Muddy Puddles – a firm favourite activity!

This is always something that gets the children excited, developing their large muscles in their legs. On from this it helps the brain with measurements and spatial awareness. The children love to see who can get the muddiest! This is where good outdoor clothing is essential; puddle suits, wellies, hats, gloves and scarves are a MUST in the winter months!

What are the benefits of Forest School?

  • Increases self-belief
  • Building confidence
  • Helping with communication skills
  • Building resilience
  • Learning about the natural environment
  • Becoming a great problem solver (a brilliant skill to have in life)
  • Allowing lots of memory making!
  • Lastly the one of the most importance … having lots of fun!!

It is a more of a case of what is not a benefit of Forest School!

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