Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to our Decembers newsletter…

Lots of exciting things happening this month in the countdown to Christmas!
We have our stay and play sessions coming up for each room and all the staff are working hard to plan a great session for you all to join in with.

A reminder of the Christmas stay and play sessions are below:
6th December – Tulips
7th December – Lilies
14th December – Bluebells
15th December – Daisies

All sessions are 2.30 till 4.30, allowing you to be able to drop in at any point throughout the session. The stay and play sessions can accommodate for one parent at a time but you are welcome to swop with each other half way through.

We will be continuing our walks around the farm, so please can we make sure the children are coming in with coats and the older children have some gloves provided.

As always, if you need to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Famly app or by contacting the office, and we will be happy to help.

Have a great month and please keep an eye on the Famly App for updates!

Bluebells (Ages 3 – 5 years)

Last month Bluebells have enjoyed exploring the topic of ‘day and night’. We have looked at what happens when the sun goes down and the changes that then happen to the sky when it becomes night. To explore different effects that can be made during night time, the children explored how they can use glowsticks in the dark as a form of light and how moving them around makes creative patterns for our sight that quickly fades.

Bluebells have also had fun throughout November learning about fireworks and they even created their own fireworks! This was made using different art materials to create a collage. The children also used a variety of tools with paint, one being a cut out plant pot that was then pressed against the paper for different effects.

Bluebells have been very curious about seasons this year and they have enjoyed looking at all the different changes that occur.

Throughout December our new topic will be Winter. During this topic we will be looking at the different animals we see in winter and the animals that start to hibernate. We will also be looking at the different changes in the environment as the weather gets colder and what could happen if the temperature drops below 0.

As the children love being active and getting involved with different sports games, we will be looking at winter sports and the skills involved with skiing and ice skating. If any of you have been ice skating pictures we would love to see them.

Lilies (Ages 2 – 3 years)

During the month of November Lilies have been learning about all things colours. We have explored this through many activities such as colour mixing, gluing and sticking, mixing coloured sand and flour etc. We have loved our colour walks, where we went on a colour hunt to try and find the different coloured fabrics. As well as learning sign language through singing the ‘Rainbow’ song accompanied with the signs. The children have been amazing at this and have been very engaged and willing to try and sign these colours too.

Our book of the month has been ‘Elmer the Elephant’ which we created our own Elmer’s alongside the book, as we glued on different squares to our elephants. As well as exploring the moral of the story about being kind towards others and understanding that everyone is different. Our book of the month throughout December will be ‘The very hungry Caterpillar and Father Christmas’ as this teaches the children about Christmas and the lead up to it.

Therefore our topic of the month during December will be Winter as the Lilies have shown good awareness of how the season has changed. The days are shortening and getting dark early as well as it being rainy and windy. They also have noticed that the moon keeps making its’ appearance during the day too. The leaves have fallen down, as they have enjoyed collecting them, running and splashing in the muddy puddles too! This has been an absolute favourite activity whilst on our walks. As well as beginning to put our coats, hats, scarves and gloves on whilst going outside. We look forward to hopefully snowy walks as well as many activities that we can incorporate this winter season into. Such as winter tuff trays with fake snow, play dough snow people and a giant Christmas tree made from cardboard boxes as well as a HUGE milk bottle igloo. We cannot wait to show you this!

Daisies (Ages 15 – 24 months)

The Daisies have had lots of fun throughout November exploring colours and learning sign language for each colour. Our sing and sign lesson was also based around colours which really helped the children show off what they had learnt already!
We have had lots of beautiful coloured themed tuff trays which allowed us to teach the children new colours or how to pronounce the colour correctly. We have noticed such a change in their speech when talking about colours and some of them are even able to identify the prime colours confidently now!

There were lots of fun activities for fireworks night, where we explored colour mixing and different techniques to splat our colours onto our paper. The daisies had lots of fun for children in need, making Pudsey hats and wearing pyjamas for the day. It also helped us with our theme as Pudsey has different colours on his patch! So we used chubby paint pens to create his patch and named the colours we used.

This month our topic will be winter. We will be exploring new textures and learning bout the weather changing. This will involve ice play, sensory bags with different winter objects inside and the animals around inter time. The daisies will be continuing to explore out on our walks, so please can we make sure we have suitable winter coats and a wetsuit and wellies provided over the next coming weeks.

Of course we will also be getting into the Christmas spirit, counting down to Christmas with different activities and crafts ready to send home. We look forward to seeing some of you for out stay and play to join in with this festive fun!


Tulips (Ages 3 – 15 months)

Last month in Tulips our Topic has been animals, following the children’s interest.

Each week we had different animals to explore –

  1. Farm animals
  2. Under the sea
  3. Dinosaurs
  4. Zoo animals

We have been creating and decorating animal masks which we loved playing with after. We also used these during circle time and singing. We loved exploring different sensory tuff trays. We had a ” Old McDonald” tuff tray to explore; this consisted of sand, cereal, blocks and animals, set up as a farm. We talked about the different animals and learnt the sounds they make. We even learnt some of the signs to them.

We enjoyed some great Bonfire and fireworks activities. We made handprints for a Bonfire and fingerprints for the fireworks. We had a great time. We have also enjoyed exploring sea creatures in water and gloop. For children in need, we had fun painting some Pudsey’s and exploring a Pudsey tuff tray. We even got to wear our own pyjamas.

This month, our topic is going to be Winter. We will be enjoying some ice play, feeling the texture and exploring what it feels like. We will also look at what happens when ice warms up and melts. We will be playing with fake snow and experiencing what it feels like and what we can do.

We will be very busy helping Santa with some bits and bobs and learning some Christmas songs with actions.

Clothing for Nursery

Outdoor Clothing

Please can all children be suitable dressed and prepared for outdoor action! Please can you make sure all clothing items are labelled with your child’s name or initials so we can make sure they are returned to the correct family.

Parent Observations

Parent/home observations are a great tool for us to be able to see your child’s interests at home and also things that they are achieving whilst with you! To add an observation for the key worker to see it is added as follows;
  1. Go to journey
  2. Go to new
  3. New observation
It should then pop up as a parent observation on the screen and you can add your observation along with photos and videos by clicking the camera icon. It would also be great if you can share your input into our home activities by uploading photos of your child completing these at home.
Parent Observations
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